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St. James' CE Primary School



Click on the Parent or Children icons below to find useful tips, tricks, games and videos to test your knowledge, give vital information  and guide you and your family to stay safe online.

At St James' we take all aspects of the children's safety very seriously and this includes teaching them to use the internet appropriately, both at school and at home. As a London Grid for Learning school, we have access to many eSafety resources targeted specifically for children and their families, to inform on the many aspects of safety that come with the use of all technology that is capable of connecting with the internet. Why not logon (using your child's My USO logon sent home by letter) to LGFL's Cyberpass section. There are informative videos and tips and quizzes to test your knowledge.

A recent booklet produced by the Children's Commissioner highlights the importance of balance of digital use for children and sets out a framework known as the 'Digital 5 a Day'. Click the chart below to see a full copy.
Digital 5 a Day
Digital 5 a Day