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Our Year Groups

Welcome to Year 6

Our Year 6 classes are 6 Brazil, 6 Canada and 6 Mexico           

Useful websites

Please click here for j2E, use your MY USO username and password to login to J2E and find lots of resources and activities to access.

The BBC have their own primary lessons for you to explore daily:

Teachers have set assignments for you to work through on Mathletics

There are SO many amazing resources on Twinkle.  Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

There are some brilliant free downloads on Primary Resources

You can compete against yourself or take part in our class battles on TT Rock Stars by clicking on this link. 

Click here to listen to David Walliams read a story. 

   Listen to a story of your choice, click here or here for a range of different books suitable for your age group. 


Times Tables and Number bonds in decimals:
Bus stop division:
Word Problems:

Arithmetic Practice Papers

Reasoning Practice Papers


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Practise skimming and scanning and answering exactly what the questions asks
Practise writing complex sentences:
Practise proof reading sentences for the correct punctuation:


Other points of note
We ask that children read every day and input this into their reading journal.

They can also complete a book reviews for their favourite books. 

Books that could help you study at home:


Contact Details and Quick Links