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Safer Internet Day 2024

There is lots of online content which helps you to stay safe on the web, whether it is advice, games, stories or ideas about safe settings on your devices. Explore our Online Safety pages for parents and children for links to resources. 

Each February there is additional focus on online safety for families. Here we share some of the best of this year's resources, from sources we recognise and trust, which include advice for families to help safely navigate the wonders of the internet, whilst minimising exposure to harmful content. 

Here is some advice, replicated from the UK Safer Internet Centre, with ideas about how to start a family conversation about personal internet use:

They also have a wealth of guides on all sorts of issues that might arise from using the internet and give advise on what to do and who to turn to for help; they are posted on this page of the UK Safer Internet Centre:

Here are links to some informative videos from Childnet to share with your children and help discussion about the do's and don't's of internet use. Click on each box to access the S.M.A.R.T suite of resources and videos:

Visit for videos, stories, advise and support. A list of updated resources have been attached to this page to get you started.

Please enjoy using these but remember, every day should be a safe Internet day; be mindful of your passwords, privacy settings and virus protection whilst enjoying the many fun activities the Internet has to offer. Visit for more help and advice.

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