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At St James' we understand that safeguarding of children is the responsibility of everyone. Our staff receives regular training in line with the Department of Education's 'Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1' guidelines (see below) to recognise signs where children may be vulnerable and need help and support.

If you feel concerned about any child, talk immediately to our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Oliver, or any member of staff to share your worries about the wellbeing of a child in our community. A gallery of our safeguarding team is here.

This school takes all aspects of the children's safety very seriously and this includes teaching them to use the internet appropriately, both at school and at home. As a London Grid for Learning school, we have access to many  Internet Safety resources targeted specifically for children and their families, to inform on the many aspects of safety that come with the use of all technology that is capable of connecting with the internet. Our Parent and Child Safeguarding pages include links to agencies who specialise in online safety. Our Safeguarding Policy is on this website under
About Us\School Policies.

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