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Online Safety - Parents

There are hundreds of webpages regarding online safety for young people. In the past, we have attempted to add multiple links to this page to keep you as up-to-date with new trends and fun activities, concerns and threats, as they become topical. The importance of giving the best advice in a timely way is a responsibility we take very seriously. However, possibly like you, the choice can be overwhelming of trying to pick the right information for you and your child, to cover all manner of topics.

We are a London Grid for Learning school; they provide our broadband and web filtering at both sites along with many other services specifically tailored to the education of young people. They provide us with access to numerous online safety links which we can share with our school community, ParentSafe. They pull together the best and most up-to-date resources to give you and your family the information you need such as explaining apps to parents, a list of top tips, how to activate control settings and discussing your concerns with your children, or how to help them discuss concerns with you.

We are therefore providing you with the ParentSafe link, click on the image below, or visit ,to access a wealth of online safety information that you know is up-to-the-minute, that you can trust, and that has been put together by professionals in the field of online safety.

We can also highly recommend the BBC's online safety pages of advice, celebrity videos, games and information to reinforce online safety messages and information in an entertaining and engaging way that you and your family may enjoy. 
 Visit or click the Own It graphic below to visit their highly information site.


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