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New Starter Details - your St James' journey starts here

If your child has been offered a place at St James' school or nursery, we need to ensure that  all paperwork is filled out prior to their start date. It is very important that we have full information,  including three emergency contact details, before your child's first day. 

The starter information process is now online and can be accessed by clicking on the New Starter Form link on the right of this page. The information you provide on the form is sent to our Parent Liaison Officer, Carolyn Brenta; it will be verified and then entered into the school's student management system and kept in accordance with our GDPR Privacy Notice for Parents and Students.

Before you start completion of the online form, you are advised to have with you the following items:

  • A scanned/photographed copy of your child's birth certificate to upload - this will be added to your child's online profile in school;
  • A scanned proof of eligibility to remain in the U.K if you are not a British citizen (visa, proof of right to remain or immigration status);
  • A scanned proof of address document, less than three months old,  such as a utility bill/council tax bill, etc to upload. This document will be checked against your details and then deleted - it will NOT be kept once the check has been completed.
  • National insurance numbers and date of birth for you and for your child's other legal guardian, if there is one. These are used to verify eligibility for free school meals.
  • Your child's NHS number (this can be found in you child's NHS health record or "red book" as it is often known as, given to you when your baby is first born)
  • We are legally required to have THREE emergency contacts for your child - you and two others (one of whom can be the other legal guardian) and you will need telephone numbers and postal addresses for these two other contacts.
  • Your child's Disability Living Allowance reference number, if appropriate.

When the form is completed, it will forward you to one further form to be completed regarding consent for web publication of your child's work and photograph on this school website and our school twitter feed. We seek your consent annually and this can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

We also advise you to look at our Useful Information for Starters page which gives details about our school day, school uniform, behaviour policy, etc.

We hope you will explore our website and school app and find the features useful and informative. Please contact the school using with any queries you may have or telephone the school on 0207 237 3111.

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