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St. James' CE Primary School


Parents with children starting Reception in September 2019. A message from Southwark informs that the date for late with good cause has been changed to 8 February 2019 and not the 11 February to as stated, this has been changed by the PAN-London.

Parents who have changed address after they have submitted their application,  must complete a ‘change of address' form and  return it to Southwark by 8 February 2019 with all the necessary proof.

Here is a short video introduced by Vice Chair of Governors, Jim Hutchinson, explaining the admissions process to St James'; please do view the video which should answer any queries you may have.




Our pupil admission number (PAN) is 60; 20 places are allocated for church membership and are applied for using the church supplementary form (see attachment below)  and the remaining 40 are allocated as per our admissions criteria as stipulated in our Admissions Policy,  attached below. A map outlining the boundary of the admissions area is also attached below.

The admission applications for reception places 2018-19 are now open  You will receive an email after 5.00pm on Tuesday 16th April 2019 which will provide information on what to do next. You'll also be able to view the outcome of your application in the evening on eAdmissions website.

If you wish to appeal the decision made, there is an Admission Appeal  Form to be filled in at the bottom of this page. This form must be returned to the school, marked for the attention of the Clerk to the Admission Appeal panel by 12.00 hours on 24th May 2019

See below for links to all relevant documents

Useful websites are linked here:

Churches Together in England List

Advice from Southwark on how to apply for a school place

For information on admission criteria for our Nursery, please see below the attached documents to the Nursery Admissions Policy as well as the Supplementary Information Form for Admission to Nursery, listed below.

Applications which are received for places for year groups other than for Reception are subject to the school Admissions Policy.  If there is no vacancy, applicants are put on a waiting list.  The Supplementary Form is only necessary if you are applying for a Church place.‚Äč

If you are applying for a place and your child attends another Southwark school you must complete an in-year transfer form (see below) and have it stamped and signed by their current school and leave it at either site for the attention of Mrs. Brenta, who will contact you should a place become available or if we need further information.

Please read the flow chart from Southwark if you are applying for an in-year transfer which explains the procedure.