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St. James' CE Primary School

5 India - Miss Harding's Class

Welcome to 5 India's Class Page!

Autumn 2

Congratulations to the recipients of a Bronze Award


King'sCollege Medicine Workshop

Making Air Raid Shelters

Reading Champions

Sarah came up with her own Greater Depth Maths problem. Can YOU solve it?

Sarah has 3 times as much money as Joju. After Sarah spent £60 and Joju spent £10, they each had the same amount of money. How much money did Sarah have at the start? Can you CUBE the answer? 

Autumn 1

Making clay elephants

BBC Live Terrific Scientific Lesson

Leaf collages

Using watercolours

Philospophy For Children

Learning about Sikhism in Religious Education

We constructed our own sailing boats during DT lessons, then held The St James Regatta to race them!