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St. James' CE Primary School

3 Sweden - Mr Maunder Taylor's Class

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Week 1 

A healthy start back to school! The children participated in a wide range of activities this week as part of our Healthy Schools Week: we learned about dental care thanks to a special assembly and presentation; kept fit with an extra dance session, learning a Bollywood dance with Miss Jess; picked lettuce form our school garden and made a lettuce and spinach soup (the freshest soup EVER- garden to bowl in 20 minutes) and also discussed, 'What's fun about exercise?' in a Philosophy for Children session. 

In addition to all of that, we started our learning about Varjak Paw, our main text this term, looking at balanced arguments and we also began a unit of learning on Money in Maths. A super week!


Week 5

This week we've been learning in a little more detail about comic strips, their presentation and how that affects meaning. For Big Write, the children produced their own, telling the next part of Arthur and the Golden Rope, as Arthur finally meets the Norse god, Thor.

In Maths this week, we learned about presenting and interpreting data in picture graphs, bar graphs and tally charts. The children had the chance to conduct their own research, creating their own large bar graphs in class and anticipating common problems when presenting data. 

We were also treated to a talk about the changing use of the River Thames thanks to Patricia Dark, archivist at Southwark library and we celebrated the royal wedding a little ahead of time with cucumber sandwiches and juice in our school garden!

Well done to our top spellers this week with 16 out of 16 syllables ina week of tricky homophone spellings: Peniel, Sebastian and Melody!

Week 4

Another brilliant week in 3 Sweden! We learned a Norse myth this week- Freya and the Goblins - and the children performed it as a Big Speak at the end of the week instead of a Big Write. They produced some imaginative story maps to help learn the story as well as 'story card' prompts.

We finished our learning on Fractions this week by finding fractions of a set of objects and then of whole numbers before looking at sharing one between more than one and other tricky division problems! Elsewhere, we learned a little more about Jesus and his teachings, looking at his statements 'I am the bread of life' and 'I am the Light of the World' in RE.

Well done to our top spellers this week with 26 or more out of 28 syllables: Aaron, Aleena, Harry, Kelsey, Lucius, Melody, Niyah, Peniel, Rocco and Sebastian!

Week 3

Another great week with Arthur and the Golden Rope, this week the children wrote a newspaper report about the wolf attack on Arthur's town. There were some fantastic pieces produced! The children have also been enjoying our role play area (a mock 'Brownstone Family Vault', in keeping with the book) during reading carousel.

In Maths, we continued our work on Fractions, comparing them and working hard with equivalent fractions too. We researched a number of different Anglo-Saxon kings in History and took a closer look at Europe in Geography.

Well done to our top spellers this week with 28 or more out of 30 syllables: Sebastian, Ryan, Rocco, Peniel, Niyah, Lucius and Aleena!

Week 2

This week the children wrote a story in English, finishing off the narrative from Arthur and the Golden Rope from the moment when a huge wolf attacks Arthur's town- I wonder where the wolf came from?

In Maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions (using multiplication and division). Challenging skills but I've been very impressed with how the children have taken to it!

Finally, we were lucky enough to have a trip to the Britihs Museum to see the Sutton Hoo exhibition and explore some of the incredible objects on display. The children were a credit to themselves and their school from start to finish! Many thanks to Kelsey's mum for accompanying us on the day.

Well done to top marks in our spelling (37/37 syllables): Aleena, Cecilia, Lucius, Niko and Peniel!

Week 1

A super start back for the summer term! We basked in some brilliant weather and the children have gotten stuck into their learning. In Maths, we picked up where we left off last term in Fractions, thinking about comparing them. Meanwhile in English, we started our learning based around Arthur and the Golden Rope, an amazing book with really rewarding artwork. Elsewhere, the children started a unit of learnign in Geography, looking at globes, atlases and maps to locate countries and continents.

We've already had some fantastic home-school projects backs in too- check out our Twitter page to see some pictures! Well done to everyone who brought something in, there's still time!

FINALLY a MASSIVE congratulations to Lucius, Aleena and Peniel, who scored a whopping 54 out of 54 syllables in their spelling test this week- 20 words randomly selected from all of our spelling words last term. An AMAZING achievement!


Week 5

Assessment Week! This week the children have worked really hard on their assessments and I've been very impressed with the grit they've shown. We also had the time to work on our eTwinning project, creating art work based on fairy tales, to share retellings of popular fairy tales and also to celebrate Sport Relief in style, walking and running a mile in Southwark Park! 

Hats off to our super spellers this week, Aleena, Lucius, Miles, Niko, Niyah, Peniel, Rocco and Sebastian, who all scored a perfect 16 out of 16 syllables!

Week 4

Another busy week in 3 Sweden! We had fun with Science, learning about bones and muscles in the human body and their purposes. In Maths we continued looking at time as a topic, moving on to think about problems involving duration as well as both analogue and digital time.

The children wrote some super non-chronological reports about mustelids (the family of mammals that includes otters, badgers and polecats, amongst others) and we all learned many interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

We were also treated to a great assembly by author Jacob Sager Weinstein, who talked about his journey becoming an author, his inspiration and all about his new book, The City of Secret Rivers.

Super spellers this week: Aisha, Harry, Niko, Peniel who all scored 30 or more out of 34 syllables!

Week 2

What a fun week! This week the children wrote some really impressive stories, based on our book The Lost Happy Endings and in Maths we have been continuing our studies on time, looking at 24 hour clocks, seconds and Roman numerals. Thanks you SO much for battling the elements- in spite of the snow, our attendance has been really, really good! We have weathered it well in 3 Sweden and finished our week with a top performance of a story the chidlren wrote themselves as a class, based on the excellent Arthur and the Godlen Rope, for our World Book Day celebrations. Great job!

Week 1

The children came back to school this week full of energy and we've enjoyed getting stuck into our new topic. In class, we've read aloud a few great stories, including Who's afraid of the Big Bad Book? and a couple of tales from The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales. 

The children wrote some brilliant job descriptions and applications for the position of 'Happy Endings Deliverer' and we've been learning about time (both analogue and digital). In RE, we've learned about the importance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and some Muslim stories.

Well done to our spelling high scorers, scoring 50 or more out of 58 syllables were the following children: Aaron, Aisha, Lucius, Niko, Niyah, Peniel and Sebastian!


Week 6

We finished off the half term with a typically busy week! I'm delighted to say that the children all earned their place on the Green Trip to the Olympic Park, where they had a great time. We also visited the library and there was a tangible book buzz following our visit. Always lovely to see!

We finished off some learning to do with Volume in Maths, looking at some more word problems and bar models, and also performed some poems as part of a Big Speak.

Have a lovely half term break everyone!


Week 5

What another great week! The children wrote some really fantastic play scripts this week, getting to grips with some tricky verbs tenses such as the present perfect, present continuous and the past continuous. Well done everybody!

We also planned and conducted a Science investigation into shadows, making some interesting findings. In Maths, we've had great fun measuring and comparing volumes of water. The wait goes on for the capacity of our mystery container...will anyone guess the correct capacity? Elsewhere, we had time to continue our Geography studies comparing regions of the world. 

Our role play area is shaping up nicely with some imaginative work and we look forward to our final week this half term, finding out the end of Ice Palace!

Well done to everyone who scored 34 or more out of 38 in their syllable spellings: Aisha, Aleena, Cecilia, Elsie, Harry, Layla E, Lucius, Miles, Niko, Niyah, Peniel, Rocco and Sebastian. 


Week 4

Well done everyone on all your hard work this week!

The children have really enjoyed taking on the role of the author and finishing Ice Palace their own way. We'll find out the real ending next week! We had some really imaginative writing, borrowing some fantastic language from the book such as 'ice-lacquered trees' and 'moon-washed hills'. Super stuff!

In Maths, we have been looking at mass. The children have impressed me with their ability to manipulate bar models according to the problem. We continue to really hammer the times tables- please keep up all of the good work you're doing at home! Currently, we're working on 8 times table.

Elsewhere, we had time to reflect on our breadstick making success of last week, make some imaginative maps in Geography and explore shadows in Science. 

Congratulations to all our super speller this week with 38/42 or more: Aisha, Aleena, Harry, Lucius, Miles, Niko, Niyah, Peniel, Rocco, Ryan and Sebastian! #3Sweden


Week 3

Another great week! Undoubtedly one of the highlights this week was making our Italian breadsticks. The children in Year 3 all mixed, kneaded and rolled their breadsticks and enjoyed tasting them at the end of the week. Year 3 are available for any of your catering needs.

In Maths, the children have continued to learn about measure, this week tackling word problems by using bar models. Challenging stuff, but they have risen to it and proven they're up to the task. We are on a roll.

The children have shown they loaf our read aloud text at the moment, Snow Dragons, and are enjoying thinking about just how beastly the 'Book' character in the story has been to the others. Rye, they would put him in his place if they ever met!

In English, the children wrote some fantastic Big Writes, using plenty of creative, figurative language. Last but not yeast, well done to the following children who all scored 24 or more out of 27 in their spellings:

Aisha, Aleena, Cecilia, Harry, Lucius, Niko, Niyah, Peniel, Ryan and Sebastian!


Weeks 1 and 2

A great week and a half in 3 Sweden! We started off by looking at the picture book, Tree, along with the rest of Key Stage 2, producing some lovely wax crayon artwork and acrostic poems. We also started our main text for the term, Ice Palace. The children wrote non-fiction articles about surviving in a cold, wintry place like Ivan's village using sub-headings, a knowledgeable tone and we also started integrating some work on accurate paragraph structure.

In Maths the children have been learnig about measurement, specifically length, converting between different units of measurement.

Elsewhere, we started some work on Light as part of our Science unit this term, looking at how different surfaces and materials can be reflective or not and we also had fun tasting different breads and learning a little about hygiene in DT!


Week 7

Another fantastic week! This week the children have continued with some tricky Maths, looking at using bar models to solve word problems (all four operations). They've also been looking at the Christmas story in RE, we had an amazing time making chooclate truffles for our Green Trip day and were treated to a wonderful fossils workshop! Please note, homework for the holiday period will follow on Monday.

Well done to the following children for spellings this week (we chose a random selection of words from this term: Peniel (20/20!), Lucius (19/20!), Rocco and Aisha (17/20!).

Week 6

Assessment Week! The children have all worked really hard and I'm especially proud of them for their efforts in our reading, maths and grammar assessment papers. Well done everyone! We managed to fit in lots of DT as well, constructing our moving monsters and testing for fitness for purpose as well as a really exciting Science assembly with FIRE!

Week 4

As part of their Maths this week, the children continued with some advanced multiplication and division, using different methods to solve problems. We welcomed Governors into our classroom on Thursday and had a chance to greet them around school! 

We continued our History studies looking at Frederick Holmes, thinking about how to use sources to understand the past and delving into the story behind the Victoria Cross.

Well done to our 10/10 spellers this week: Lucius and Peniel!

Week 3

What a busy week! 

This week, the children were treated to a visit to the Barbican Cinema as part of the Into Film Festival. They enjoyed watching Wallace and Gromit- Curse of the Were-Rabbit together in a really fantastic cinema setting. The children also took part in an Anti-Bullying Workshop as part of National Anti-Bullying Week.

Well done to our 10/10 spellers this week: Aisha, Cecilia, Lucius, Niko, Peniel, Rocco, Ryan and Sebastian!

Week 2

This week the children's writing was particularly strong, creating their own stories about a creature in the sewers beneath Lizard Street. They were able to integrate some direct speech, drawing on learning last term well, as well as new learning. Marking Big Writes this time was even more enjoyable!

In Maths, the children have been continuing their studies on multiplication and division. We will soon move onto some problem solving, looking at straightforward word problems.

Elsewhere, the children enjoyed a wonderful Talent Show on Friday afternoon in aid of Children In Need. Congratulations to Suriah for getting through auditions, you were a star!

Well done to our 10/10 spellers this week: Aisha, Cecilia, Lucius, Peniel, Rocco, Ryan and Sebastian!

Week 1

Well done to everyone for settling back into school really well after our first half term break of the year! We've had some super work produced this week as we started our class novel, Krindlekrax. The children thought about bullying, as one of the main characters treats others badly, and wrote an article for the Newsround website in Big Write this week.

In Maths, we've been tackling advanced column method subtraction and bar models to solve word problems and elsewhere we started learning about different kinds of rocks, sorting them into groups and scrutinising them; about a local hero called Frederick Holmes and also about different pneumatic tools and toys for DT!

Week 5

What a super week we've had! It was lovely to round off the week on Friday with the amazing Time Truck visit. The children took on the role of archaeologists, spent time uncovering objects and critically reflecting on them to find out their origin. Thanks to the team at MOLA again for a wonderful day!

The children continued their learning in Geography about natural disasters, this week looking at earthquakes and their causes. In English, the children produced some fantastic writing, penning the ending of the story of Jemmy Button with direct speech and conjunctions.


Week 4

This week the children got to rehearse, perform and bask in the glory of their wonderful P-Factor appearance! Well done to everyone, it was a fantastic performance; judges' notes included praise for articulation, volume and the 'wow factor' of our sealife backdrop. Although we narrowly missed out on a podium position, the competition was fierce and there wasn't much in it.

In Maths, we've now turned our attention to addition and subtraction, putting in place our place value knowledge to help demystify column methods, carrying over and renaming! Some great Big Writes this week, creating a newspaper article about the arrival of Jemmy Button in the UK.


Week 3

Another fantastic week in Year 3 Sweden- the children have been hard at work looking at place value, using dienes, place value counters and images to support their learning. Many of the children have moved on to 'greater depth' tasks each day which has been very pleasing: this seems to be an area of real strength!

In English we've continued our work on Jemmy Button, studying the nature of his departure from Tierra del Fuego. The children came up with some lovely responses in our discussions about taking someone's name and the concept of a fair exchange. We've thought hard about what's truly of value to us!


Week 2

What a great week! The children settled down really well to their first full week back and I have been so impressed with their zest for learning, their grit and of course how wonderfully they are turned out each day. Many thanks to all who could make it to our Welcome Meeting and we hope you found it useful.

This week the children began our book for this half term, Jemmy Button. So far, we have encountered a boy who lives in a landscape that looks like some kind of jungle and some visitors wearing top hats with pointed moustaches have arrived! The children wrote a diary entry in role as the boy for their Big Write this week.

In Maths, we've been tackling place value and comparing numbers, we started looking at volcanoes in Geography and have also begun units of learning on Islam in RE and collage in Art.


Autumn Term Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We've had a great first few days and I've been really impressed with the attitude of the children towards their learning and just how smartly turned out they are! Well done one and all.

For our initial learning, we looked at a Swedish folk tale from the north of the country about how the Lapp people overcame a mean giant called Stalo. We played board games in Maths based on the story and wrote a letter to the hero, Kaurus. 

Elsewhere, the children learned about Stockholm, creating fact files, and hugely enjoyed a game of 'Kubb' (pronounced 'koob')!