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St. James' CE Primary School

Cascade Warning

On Friday ( 27/01/2017) a child at a local primary school came to school through a wooded area behind the school. She said there was a man in the bushes who tried to grab her and then followed her. She ran away and got to school. She said he was wearing a black baseball cap, black hoodie and black jogging bottoms and was black or mixed race and in his 20's. The police have been informed.

We do once again urge you to make sure that your children are accompanied by a responsible adult to and from school. We also advise children to stick to main, populated areas and not use more isolated 'cut-through' routes and hope you will reinforce this message. We hope you will take the opportunity to review and discuss safe travel within your family and discuss the 'stranger danger' message with your children. Please inform the police and the school if you or your children encounter any incidents of concern.