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St. James' CE Primary School

Online Safety

As we are all far more reliant on technology than even a year ago, it is so important to pay attention to our own online safety and that of our family. Do visit our Online Safeguarding resources for parents and a separate page for children that we have on our website and make online safety a family conversation that you revisit regularly, to check in on everyone's awareness of staying safe online. 

There are also many other resources available elsewhere and here are just a few that have been sent through to us recently: 

J2e have added a dedicated online safety page, access by logging on through LGFL My USO in the usual way and look for the tab at the top of the page

2021 Top Tips for Online Safety

National online safety have many resources including a downloadable app for parents and children

BBC Bitesize - Foundation stage - Staying safe online

BBc Bitesize - All - How can you use the web safely?