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St. James' CE Primary School

R England - Miss Thorne's Class


Welcome to reception England’s class page. 

This term Reception will be learning about Our World. We will start the term with a week on healthy eating. We will learn how to categorise the different food groups, design a healthy meal, compile shopping lists and enjoy a food-tasting afternoon. From then on until the end of term, our main text focus will be 10 things I can do to help my World. We will draw in other texts to support the different themes the children will be learning about. Please see the main page for a full list of topic books this term. 


Week 1: Healthy Eating 

The children have enjoyed their first week back. We explored food and learnt how to classify the different food groups. We designed our favourite meal plates and labelled them.  We use a range of food packaging to sort and classify food groups. The children were excellent at compiling a healthy plate of food, and explaining why healthy eating is so important. The children had fun with the food tasting afternoon, all the children were willing to try some new foods, which was fantastic. Have a look at our photos below. 


















World Book Day!

Children had a wonderful day, dressing up and taking part in various activities. Our book was The Snowflake Mistake. The children made a great snowflake making machine as well as snowflakes. We rounded the day of with an assembly to show of our fantastic snow making machine and our beautiful snowflakes. 

























Chinese New Year 


The children have been learning about Chinese New Year. We made Chinese drums, lanturns and used small parts to make firework art on our mirrors. We also made a Chinese number line, we were facinated by their beautiful writing. Children explored using chopsticks, this was a challenge, we needed to fill our bowls with rice and noddles.  

























Exploring Capacity 


Children needed to use their estimation skills to predict how many cups of water the different containers would hold. They then took turns to measure and count how many cups were needed to fill the containers. 




















Exploring floating and sinking. We also had a go at boat building! 

Children are exploring different materials for boat building, which float, and which do not. 






They then set about building some boats of their own

All we need to do now is find out if they sail! 











Our Tree book artwork and activities 


The finished artwork


Children worked in small groups to complete a section each of the four seasons of a tree. 
Children used a range of different paints, water, oil and acrylic to produce a great piece of art work. 









Some 'Tree' inspired maths 

Matching numerals to quantities 
The children matched the correct number of leaves to the tree. 










The children performed their Christmas carols. The theme was A Miracle in Town. Based on the Christmas story. It was a pleasure to see many parents join us for the 'stay n play' session afterwards. Great fun was had by all!















Children have been exploring money, they looked at the different sizes and colours. They enjoyed learning to use money to find the total of two amounts using our 'table top' shop. 









The children enjoyed the Goldilocks performance, some became part of the story. 






Some of our Reggio inspired activities 

Children use a range of tools and materials to make bears out of play dough. 
This provocation was inspired by some tree seed pods found by Miss Thorne.