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St. James' CE Primary School


If your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, your child is due to start primary school in September 2017. Please click here to see the short video below of our vice-chair of Governors, Jim Hutchinson, explaining our admissions criteria.

Admission Applications for reception places 2017-18 are now closed and places have been allocated by Southwark.  

​If your child is not given a place at St James’ during the admissions process and you feel you have grounds to appeal, please fill in the  form entitled Admission Appeal Form listed below and return it to the Clerk of the Admissions Appeal Panel c/o St James’ CE Primary School. The form must reach us no later than 1200 hours on 12th May 2017.​  You can now apply to be aded to the waiting list for September 2017.

See below for links to all relevant documents

Useful websites are linked here:

Churches Together in England List

Advice from Southwark on how to apply for a school place

For information on admission criteria for our Nursery, please see below the attached documents to the Nursery Admissions Policy as well as the Supplementary Information Form for Admission to Nursery, listed below.

Applications which are received for places for year groups other than for Reception are subject to the school Admissions Policy.  If there is no vacancy, applicants are put on a waiting list.  The Supplementary Form is only necessary if you are applying for a Church place.​