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St. James' CE Primary School

Welcome to Year 3

Our Year 3 classes are 3 Denmark, 3 Finland, 3 Norway and 3 Sweden.

Spring Term 1:
-       Diary entries
·       Newspaper reports
·       Story writing
·       Poetry
·       Play-scripts

'The Muslim way of life.’

-       Time

Link typical events to times of day using vocabulary such as morning, afternoon, noon, night and midnight.
Tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes using the terms am and pm.
Tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest minute using the terms am and pm.
Understand the relationship between a digital and an analogue clock
Investigate how Roman numerals are used on clocks.
Investigate the difference between 12 and 24 hour clock.
Tell the time using the 12 hour clock.
Tell the time using the 24 hour clock.
Understand and estimate  and record time in seconds.
Understand, estimate and record time in minutes.
Understand the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in a month, year and leap year.
To calculate durations of events when given start and end times.
Compare the duration of different events in minutes.
·       Fractions
Investigating the concept of tenths reviewing the understanding of numerator and denominator.
Counting forward and backward in tenths through whole numbers.
Identify and find 1/10 of an object by dividing it into 10 equal parts.
Identify non unit fraction tenths of objects.
Identify non unit fraction tenths of amounts.
Finding the complement of tenths to make a whole.
Finding the complement of a fraction other than tenths to make one (same denominators).


Please find some key information regarding Year 3 below.


Please check back soon for more information regarding trips.


PRE will remain on the same days this term. PE for 3 Sweden and 3 Finland will be on Mondays; 3 Denmark on Tuesdays and 3 Norway will be on Fridays. Children should come to school in school uniform as usual with their full PE kit in their bags. If you have any trouble at all with PE kit, please do speak to one of us or the office.

Please find spellings for this half term as a downloadable document below. Each week we typically follow a spelling rule for the first 10 'core' spellings and the remaining 'extension' spellings (which are optional) recycle old spellings and introduce topic words or words that will be encountered in our main text.

As part of their homework, please ensure your child reads every day and that it is noted in their reading journal. This is increasingly important as the demands of the curriculum increase throughout Key Stage 2, with children expected to sustain reading over longer and longer pieces of text.

Maths homework
An exercise sheet handed out each Friday and to be returned by the following Wednesday.

We will continue to tweet celebrations and news from our Twitter account. Please note the year 3 twitter feed is: @St_JamesYear3.

A note on trips
We welcome parents and carers to accompany us on trips. Please mention it at least two days in advance to your child's class teacher if at all possible, in order for us to arrange staffing.

We endeavour to give as much notice as possible for trips, but in some cases we are offered tickets to other exciting opportunities at the last minute. Your understanding is appreciated.