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St. James' CE Primary School

Welcome to Class Belgium


Please find below a variety of links to learning resources that you can access from home 


j2e - Use your 'MyUSO' log-in to get logged in to j2e. Once logged in, find the 'Belgium' file and there is work for you to do. 



LGFL  - Through logging in to LGFL using your 'MyUSO' log-in, you can find a variety of educational resources including busythings , which is full of Maths, Science, Computing, English and many more fun games and learning aids. 

Listen to a story read by David Walliams Click  here 

 Click here to choose and listen to a story.  Or click here to select a different variety of stories to listen to. 

There are also so many amazing learning resources on twinkl. 
Setting this up is really easy to do - click here >>> TWINKL and enter your email address, make up a password and enter the offer code 'UKTWINKLHELPS'.



  Top Marks - Many of you loveHit the Button’! 

  Oxford Owl 

  BBC Bitesize 

Next half term, we will be learning all about !

Ready for next term, could you create your very own African animal or African scene?

See pictures below for some inspiration!

Below are some links to African folk-tales webpages - 

African folk-tales 1

African folk-tales 2

Read a variety of African folk-tales and choose your favourite!

Once you have chosen your favourite, you could retell it using a

                   story board                               or a                  story map.


You could also do your own research on Africa and create a fact-file or a poster. You could include:

  • famous people & landmarks from Africa                                          
  • the different countries & their languages in Africa
  • various animals & their habitats in Africa  
  • their flag & many more interesting facts!

Finally, below is a link to some maths worksheets relating to Africa and linking to our most recent topics of 'measurement' and 'data handling'. 

African Maths worksheet