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St. James' CE Primary School


Here at St James’ we are using Singapore Maths to help us understand and love Mathematics. View the helpful videos below and click on the Parent Videos link below to view more videos explaining the Singapore Maths methods. If parents would like to purchase books for Singapore Maths, they can do so through the website linked here.

Parent Videos



In Singapore Maths we use the 3 Step learning process : 1 – concrete. 2 – pictorial. 3 – abstract

The first step  is ‘concrete’, during this process student use ‘concrete’ or ‘physical’  objects to move around to help them solve problems. Objects such as chips, dice, or cubes are put in lines or egg-boxes to work out and test methods.

Students then transition this to the  ‘pictorial’  step by drawing diagrams called “bar-models” to represent specific quantities of their physical objects.

Once students have learned to solve mathematical problems using bar modeling, (above) they begin to solve mathematical problems with exclusively abstract tools: numbers and symbols.