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St. James' CE Primary School

R Ireland - Miss Lily's Class



Welcome back! We hope you have all had a great summer. We start our new academic year welcoming back existing children and extending a warm welcome to our new children. Our focus topic will be nature. However, your child’s interests will be reflected in general provision. Our first priority will be to settle the children into reception so they feel happy and safe and allocating a key person to your child.  We will begin the term with the book, Who’s in my Family? A book all about families and all the different places we live. Children will be making some self-portraits and using junk modelling to build their homes. For the rest of the term, our text focus will be, It Starts with a Seed. A beautifully illustrated book taking children on a journey through the seasons and watch a seed grow and transform into a magnificent tree. They will also be able to learn about animal’s habitats and where they make their homes.

Please see our main page for a full list of topic books.