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St. James' CE Primary School

Cascade Alert

We have been contacted by the Headteachers' Cascade Warning with details of an incident this week. As always, we urge that your children is accompanied by a responsible adult to and from school each day and that you report any suspicious incidents to the school and the police.

 A year 7 female student was on her way to school yesterday on Tuesday morning and as her route takes her past the Tesco Express on Southampton Way SE15 (between Coleman Road and Peckham Grove) she was approached by a mixed race female who was attempting to take a photo of her with her mobile phone. The student asked the woman to stop but she ignored her. The woman followed alongside the student and at the same time asked her to come home with her. The student ignored the woman, kept her head down and briskly walked on. The woman stopped following but stated she would see the student later.

Description of the woman: Of mixed race dark European ethnicity with pale skin, between 30 – 40 years old, thin build and medium height. Wearing rugged, ripped deshelled clothing. Blue leggings, blue T-shirt and flip-flop foot wear, giving the appearance of a rough sleeper.

Advice for any further sightings of a female fitting this description is to call police immediately