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St. James' CE Primary School

Public Health Information regarding measles

Measles is a very infectious viral illness that spreads by coughs and sneezes.  The symptoms include fever, sore red eyes and rash.  It can be a serious infection for some people.  Measles can spread easily between pupils if someone comes into school whilst they are infectious.  People with measles are infectious from four days before, until four full days after the rash so they can pass measles on BEFORE they get the rash. 

We request parents seek advice from their family doctor should their child develop a rash illness; to telephone ahead before attending general practice, Urgent Care Centres or the Emergency Department and to report to reception on arrival. If measles is suspected you should keep your child off school for 4 full days after onset of rash and inform the school as soon as possible.

Public Health England advise that MMR remains the most effective way to protect against measles. 

  • MMR1 is given at 12 months of age and MMR 2 from 18 months or pre-school from 3 years and four months of age.  
  • Children and adults over 3 years, 4 months who do not have 2 recorded doses of MMR vaccine remain eligible to receive 2 doses.  

There is no upper age limit to offering MMR vaccine. 

Here are two websites with further information that you may find useful: