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St. James' CE Primary School

Warning Cascade

The headteachers' warning cascade has informed us of two incidents.

A local primary school reported that there was an incident on the way to school in the morning of Monday 15/05/2017 involving siblings from Years 6 and 3. They were walking to school when they were chased by a man. He was shouting at them (not in English) and walking towards them. They ran and he started to chase after them. He was a black male, wearing a beige jumper and white trousers. The police have been informed.

A local academy reported that as a group of their boys approached Stuart Road on their way to school in the morning of Tuesday 16/05/2017, one of the group bumped into a man described as mixed race, medium height and wearing a black hoodie. The pupil apologised but the man lifted his shirt and showed them the handle of a knife concealed in his trousers. He later pulled out the knife and pointed it at the boys. The police were informed and they escorted the boys to school.

Please ensure that your children are supervised on their journey to and from school by a responsible adult and always report any incidents to both the police and school.