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St. James' CE Primary School

Cascade Warnings

Unfortunately, we have been forwarded information regarding a number of incidents that have taken place over the past week regarding school children, staff and incidents in close proximity to school premises. Please read the details below carefully. We believe they serve as a reminder to us all to be vigilant and also to ensure that your children are accompanied by a responsible adult to and from school. Please report any incidents to the police and to school.

The crossing guard of a local school reported that there has been a tall, white, bald man with a beard who has been hanging around watching the school this week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This person was extremely suspicious.

A local secondary school reported that a Y7 student has been approached and offered a lift. A parent of one of their pupils has informed the school that the pupil was approached by a car on their way home from school . Whilst walking up Casino Avenue a man in a car approached the pupil asking if he wanted a lift home, he also said he knew one of the pupil’s friends, however the pupil did not know this man.

A local school has reported that they have been alerted to two instances of young boys snatching mobile phones.

A member of a school's staff has reported this morning that after work when walking through Leroy Street (where the little park is near the Estate) a young man or a teenager came from behind and grabbed a phone off their hand and ran off. The staff member did not see the face of the person. It happened around 6:10 p.m.

Also a parent approached the school after school hours and reported that a couple of young lads on bikes are targeting people on their mobile phones. The parent who reported the incident had their phone taken earlier just on the other side of Swan Mead.

All these incidents have been reported to the police. Please take care when walking alone, be aware of your public phone use and report any incidents.