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St. James' CE Primary School


Read our latest news and look back at our Archive. Newsletters for this year and an archive of the previous year's newsletters can be found on About Us\Newsletters.

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  • Check your year pages for new online learning links

    Published 27/03/20

    Thank you to all our families for logging on to the school website and continuing to check their year group pages for up-to-date links posted by their class teachers. Do keep checking for updates. There is a new post for all year 1 children today - click here.

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  • School Status

    Published 24/03/20

    As of Friday 20th March 2020, St James' is now closed to all but key worker children at our Old Jamaica Road site. Please contact the school if you are in any doubt as to whether you and your family fall under this category. Online learning is now available for your child. Check year group pages on this website and refer to your child's home learning pack which included information and logons for various resources. If you have any difficulties, contact the school at the email below and your teacher will be in contact with you to help. 

    We will continue to support you and your children in their learning in any way we can during this difficult time. Please check the website regularly for updates.

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  • Information for Parents and Children from Southwark Council

    Published 24/03/20

    We attach an information booklet for children to understand what is happening, together with some online links for children and a letter from Southwark Council regarding the Covid-19 outbreak which we believe will be very useful to you. Please study the information posted. An exert from the letter is below:  

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  • Wash your hands!

    Published 16/03/20




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  • Catch it. Bin it. Kill it - Latest DfE health advice Tel: 0800 0468687

    Published 02/03/20

    19.03.20:  Following the Government's advice that all schools will close from Friday 20th March; s chools, colleges and early years settings will be closed to everyone except children of key workers and vulnerable children from Monday, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus.  Examples of these workers include NHS staff, police and delivery drivers who need to be able to go to work. A full list will be issued by the Cabinet Office today. Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans. Children who do not fall into these groups should remain at home with appropriate care. We will be issuing further information on this as soon as we have it.

    In the meantime, social distancing, self-isolating and thorough hand washing are the key ways to stop the spread of the virus at present.

    Wash your hands more often, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water. Public Health England recommends that in addition to hand washing before eating, and after coughing and sneezing, everyone should also wash hands after using toilets and travelling on public transport.

    A helpline  answers questions about COVID-19 related to education. Parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

    Phone: 0800 046 8687
    Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

    The latest travel advice can be found here:

    Personal hygiene is the most important way to tackle COVID-19 with the NHS advice to thoroughly wash hands and how to deal with used tissues. The animation below re-enforces these messages.

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  • Year 3 Climate Change special commendation!

    Published 02/03/20

    Following a climate change project culminating in a video created by the then Year 2 children, we are delighted to announce that the work has been shortlisted for a special commendation. The judging panel were  "really impressed with the amount of effort you have gone to as a class to educate yourselves and teach others about climate change and what we can do to prevent it and therefore we want to award you with a special commendation certificate".

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  • Every day is Safer Internet Day!

    Published 12/02/20

    There will probably be mentions in the press and on television about  Safer Internet Day. At St James' we prefer to think that every day is safe internet day but we agree that sometimes a celebratory day is a good way of reminding everyone of the daily guidelines we should be following to stay safe.

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  • Information for Years 5 & 6 Parents

    Published 18/09/19

    At this time of year we often receive information regarding open days at secondary schools in our area. We will post these on your year group pages ie Year 5 Page  or  Year 6 Page.  We will also highlight new information we've received by posting them as announcements, so keep watching out for secondary diary dates here too.

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  • NHS Information regarding vaccinations

    Published 03/09/19

    Following the recent increase in cases of measles, we have been asked to provide the following information regarding immunisation to parents of school age children. Please read the attached letter below and take appropriate action to protect your family from childhood illnesses before they start school.

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  • Public Health Information regarding measles

    Published 04/07/19

    Measles is a very infectious viral illness that spreads by coughs and sneezes.  The symptoms include fever, sore red eyes and rash.  It can be a serious infection for some people.  Measles can spread easily between pupils if someone comes into school whilst they are infectious.  People with measles are infectious from four days before, until four full days after the rash so they can pass measles on BEFORE they get the rash. 

    We request parents seek advice from their family doctor should their child develop a rash illness; to telephone ahead before attending general practice, Urgent Care Centres or the Emergency Department and to report to reception on arrival. If measles is suspected you should keep your child off school for 4 full days after onset of rash and inform the school as soon as possible.

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