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SJ's After School Club

Please complete the sections below. It is important that you read the terms and conditions of this contract.

1. I understand that the cost is £10/session per night or £40.00 per week. Notice must be given by Thursday lunchtime for a place to be reserved and invoice processed. Payment must be made by Friday 4pm to reserve a place for following week.

2. Payment can be arranged for part of the session, ie £4.50 from 3- or £5.50 from 4.15 – 5.45.

3. I understand that if my child is late to be collected from their allocated slot I will be charged for any part of an hour at the rate of £1. Per minute. Please note after school club FINISHES at 5.45pm.

4. I understand that I am committing to the number of days as indicated and will pay for these days regardless of non-attendance.

5. I understand if I use after school club on a one off basis I will be charged £10.00/session, and I need to contact school 48hours before to make sure there is availability for that day.

6. I understand that I will pay in advance by Monday lunchtime for the week for the sessions I require for my child.

7. I understand that I have to pay online.

8. I understand that my child will be collected from their classroom at the beginning of each session.

9. I understand that if my child behaves in an unacceptable manner, they will be given a warning and will be informed. If this occurs on more than 2 occasions, I understand my child may not be able to attend after school club

10. I understand that my child must be collected from after school club by an adult and I need to sign them out every day.

11. I understand if I arrive to collect my child after 5.45pm, I will be charged at £1/minute.

You will not be charged for after school club in the event of school closure due to critical weather conditions, emergencies, teacher training days or Covid 19.

My Child/Children's Details

If you are unable to collect your child please name one additional person we can contact in an emergency. Please remember to give them a password.

Are there any orders excluding any adults who should not collect your child/children?*
Please indicate your level of consent to your child/children being photographed by SJ's for the school website and/or for display purposes*

For any queries regarding SJ's After School Club, please contact Pat O'Connor on 07960098460 or email

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