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SJ's KS1 Breakfast Club

Please read the terms and conditions of the Breakfast Club below, then show your acceptance of the terms by filling in your details at the bottom. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that the breakfast club charge is £2.50 per morning or £12.50 per week.

2. I understand that breakfast club opens at 7.30am.

3. I understand that I am committing to the number of days as indicated and will pay for these days, regardless of non-attendance due to ill-health.

4. I understand I will need to pay for my breakfast club place in advance by the Friday lunchtime of the week before. Payments are to be paid online.

5. I understand that my child will be taken to their class at the end of each session at 9.15am.

6. I understand that if my child behaves in an unacceptable manner, they will be given a warning and will be informed. If this occurs on more than two occasions, I understand my child may not be able to attend breakfast club.

7. I understand that an adult must accompany my child to the breakfast club door and be received by a member of the breakfast club staff.

You will not be charged for breakfast club in the event of school closure due to critical weather conditions, emergencies, teacher training days and Covid 19 closure.

By signing below you are accepting all our terms and conditions.

For any queries regarding SJ's Breakfast Club, please contact Pat O'Connor on 07960098460 or email

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