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St. James' CE Primary School

Welcome To Nursery

Information for parents regarding Southwark's offering of primary school places:

How will Southwark families be notified of the offer of their child’s primary school place?
·         Instead of a letter, Southwark families will receive an email from eAdmissions during the evening of 16 April 2018 from 5pm which will confirm their child’s offer and provide information on what to do next. The email will be sent to the same email address that was used by the parent/carer when registering to apply online.
·         Families will also be able to find out the outcome of their application by logging into the eAdmissions website using their unique user name and password during the evening of 16 April 2018.
What should families do if they do not receive the offer email?
·         If a parent/carer does not receive an email confirming the offer of their child’s primary place, they should check the junk mail folder of their personal email account.
·         If the parent/carer has still not received the offer email by Tuesday 17 April, they can contact Southwark Council’s school admissions team by email at who will be happy to assist.
Why will some families still receive an offer letter from Southwark Council?
  • Only late applicants and those children who have been allocated a school which was not listed as a preference on their application will receive an offer letter from the LA.
Where can families in Southwark find further information about primary appeals, waiting lists etc. related to their child’s offer of a primary school place?
·         Families can find further information on waiting lists, appeals and a list of frequently asked questions on Southwark Council’s website at
·         If families are unable to attend the primary post offer advice session, the school admissions team also hold a weekly drop in surgery every Monday (term time only) from 9.30am to 12.30pm and Wednesday (term time only) from 9.30am to 3pm for residents to access advice and support on general school admission related queries. Families can view the school admissions drop in surgery page for further details.


Welcome to our Nursery. There are three nursery rooms named Rome, Florence and Venice. The class names are inspired by Italian cities and the  'Reggio Emilia' approach we have adopted. Below are some of our Reggio inspired activities. We explored ramps, using a range of contruction materials and natural objects. A glass bead maths provocation, and we used a range of different materials and paint brushes to create our own mini-beasts.








This term nursery will be learning about Our World. We will start the term with a week on healthy eating. We will learn how to categorise the different food groups, what is a healthy diet and enjoy a food-tasting afternoon. From then on until the end of term, our main text focus will be 10 things I can do to help my World. We will draw in other texts to support the different themes the children will be learning about. You can see some of these books below.

Our topic books for this term:

Week 1: Healthy Eating 












Some other books we will be using to support our learning and topic.






This term we will start with phrase 3 phonic sounds. Look out for the sound of the week in your weekly newsletter.









We were very lucky to have a visit from the theatre and watch 'Goldilocks and the three bears' which the children really enjoyed!.


The last week and a half of term we looked at 'The Very Greatest Journey' christmas story which was a very lovely version of telling the christmas story to children.

The children enjoyed learning about the Christmas story and each Nursery class took part in re-telling the Christmas story.