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St. James' CE Primary School

Welcome to Reception

We have 2 Reception classes this year, England and Ireland. Click on the tabs to the side to see what we have been doing in class.

Summer Project



The new year in reception England and Ireland will start with the topic, Water. We will be learning about the water cycle, rivers lakes and seas and how to conserve water. You can help prepare your child for the topic by completing a summer water project. 


Project ideas: 

1. Make a poster about water;  include as many facts as possible. Include pictures and drawings to make it more interesting. 

2. Take a boat ride along the river Thames, or a river anywhere in the world if you are on holiday. Take pictures of some of the sights you can see along riverbanks. What facts can you include about the river? You can choose how you present your project, poster, powerpoint or leaflet.

3. If you are feeling really creative, make a 3D model of the water cycle out of recycled materials. Be as creative as you can!

Below are some website links to help you with your projects.


Below is a link to a letter from Southwark Council regarding vaccinations.