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St. James' CE Primary School

3 Denmark - Mrs Gordon and Miss Jackson's Class



The penultimate week before half term and the children are in full swing, rehearsing for our Lion King production on Wednesday and Thursday of the final week.

This Wednesday in Geography we are focusing on the River Thames and are very pleased to welcome speaker Patricia Dark, Archivist from Southwark Library to talk to the children about the changing geographical uses of the river over the years. She will be bringing in old photos of the river to discuss the changes with the present day. The following week we will take this a stage further with Field Studies on the river nearby, examine and explore in detail an old local photo of the Thames and compare first hand the changes you can see with the naked eye.  Let's hope this fine weather holds out!


A very busy week, focusing on our last week of fractions learning which the children have grasped very well. The children have been challenged with the concept of improper fractions (greater than one whole) as well as dividing 3 by 4, for example dividing 3 pizza equally between 4 people. Next week we move on to Statistics and bar graphs. In Geography we have been honing our map reading and labelling skills, looking in detail at the UK, its countries, capital cities as well as counties with emphasis on "shires."

Well done to all the children in the Big Speak, getting up in front of the classroom to retell the mythical tale of Freya and the necklace - super storytelling!


Week 3

This week in literacy the children wrote a newspaper report focusing on verb tense, prepositions and sentence types. For maths we continued our work on fractions, where we were adding and subtracting fractions with the denominator being the same. For RE we looked at the statement 'I am the shepherd' and discussed the characteristics of sheep and shepherds. In history we learnt about the different kings of the Viking era and placed them in chronological order. We then chose one and researched interesting facts about our chosen king, sharing our findings with the rest of the class. 

Week 2

This week we continued our work on fractions, looking at simplifying fractions. In literacy we wrote a story describing a wolf attack. In our stories we concentrated on the use of inverted commas, adverbial phrases, interesting vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. In RE we continued to look at Jesus's 'I am' phrases, focusing on the statement 'I am the light of the world'. We also visited the History Museum where we saw Viking artifacts  

Week 1

This term we will be working on fractions mostly in maths. This week we looked at equivalent fractions, relating fractions to bar models. For our big write we wrote persuasive letters to 'Professor Brownstone' explaining why we needed access to his vault. In History we started to look at our topic Vikings and Anglo Saxons and created fact files. For RE this term we are looking at teh topic 'Who Jesus is' focusing in particular on the 'I am' scriptures used throughout the bible. 



Week 1

Welcome back 3 Denmark! 

We have had an exciting first week back looking with some great projects completed by Tofunmi, Maimuna, Leman and Masaki! Well done to you. 

This week for literacy the we wrote job descriptions for a 'Happy Ending Deliverer' vacancy. This included Expanded noun phrases, figurative language, connectives and subordinating conjunctions. 

In Maths we started our learning on 'Time'. We learnt how to tell the time, what the hands stand for, what they intervals on the clocks stand for, how to read digital and analogue times and when to use AM and PM. 

For foundation our LO was Islam where we made comparrisons between Muslim families, their life and celebrations, to that of our own. We learnt about the prophet Mohamed and why he is important to muslims. 



Weeks 1 and 2

A super, creative start to the term in 3 Denmark! We started off by looking at the picture book, Tree, along with the rest of Key Stage 2, producing lovely oil pastels artwork and seasonal acrostic poems. We also started our main text for the term, Ice Palace. The children wrote non-fiction articles on how to survive in a cold, wintry place like Ivan's village using sub-headings, eg. on essential equipment and we also started integrating some work on accurate paragraph structure.

In Maths the children have been learning about measurement, specifically length, converting between different units of measurement, namely centimetres, metres and kilometres.

Elsewhere, we started work on Light as part of our Science unit this term, looking at how different surfaces and materials can be reflective or not,  we also had fun tasting different breads and learning a little about hygiene in DT as well as exploring Climate Zones in Geography.



Well done to everyone involved in the Children In Need Talent Show! Two groups made it to the Final from our class. 

We've had some super work produced as we study our class novel, Krindlekrax. The children thought about bullying recently, as one of the main characters treats others badly, and wrote an article for the Newsround website in our Big Write.

In Maths, we've been tackling advanced column method subtraction and bar models to solve word problems, as well as exploring our 3x, 4x and 8x tables and their division inverses. Elsewhere we started learning about different kinds of rocks, sorting them into groups and scrutinising them. Next we'll be looking at soils and fossils with the exciting visit of Paelaeontologist Jules Howard to look forward to in mid December.

In History we've been learning about a local hero called Frederick Holmes and also been creating our own pneumatic tools and toys for DT!

Week 6
This week the children completed a range of investigations to assess their learning over this half term. In maths, they repeated their weekly review tests, to consolidate what they have learned. In literacy, they got the opportunity to rewrite their favourite big write from this half term. This was their chance to make an improved version of their work, taking into consideration: teacher feedback, their responses to marking and their writing targets. 

In science the children investigated the distance a toy car would travel across different surfaces. They discussed how friction worked and also looked at other forces which would also be factors (e.g. air resistance).  

We had our harvest service at church this week, where we sang a new harvest song and learnt all about the significance of giving. Thank you to all the parents who contributed to the harvest food collection for the church. 

Week 5
What a super week we've had! It was lovely to round off the week on Friday with the amazing Time Truck visit. The children took on the role of archaeologists, spent time uncovering objects and critically reflecting on them to find out their origin. Thanks to the team at MOLA again for a wonderful day!

The children continued their learning in Geography about natural disasters, this week looking at earthquakes and their causes. In English, the children produced some fantastic writing, penning the ending of the story of Jemmy Button with direct speech and conjunctions.

Week 4
This week the children got to rehearse, perform and bask in the glory of their wonderful P-Factor appearance! Well done to our class who came in 3rd place out of the whole of key stage 2! Our ‘Gran can you rap’ poem went down a treat- this class obviously have some rapping grans between them. Well done again!

In Maths, we've now turned our attention to addition and subtraction, putting in place our place value knowledge to help demystify column methods, carrying over and renaming! Some great Big Writes this week, creating a newspaper article about the arrival of Jemmy Button in the UK.

Week 3
This week the children have been hard at work looking at place value, using dienes, place value counters and images to support their learning. Many of the children have moved on to 'greater depth' tasks each day which has been very pleasing: this seems to be an area of real strength! Continue to encourage your children to count backwards in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as this will help support their learning even more.

In English we've continued our work on Jemmy Button, studying the nature of his departure from Tierra del Fuego. The children came up with some lovely responses in our discussions about taking someone's name and the concept of a fair exchange. We've thought hard about what's truly of value to us!

Week 2
What a great week! The children settled down really well to their first full week back and I have been so impressed with their zest for learning, their grit and of course how wonderfully they are turned out each day. Many thanks to all who could make it to our Welcome Meeting and we hope you found it useful.

This week the children began our book for this half term, Jemmy Button. So far, we have encountered a boy who lives in a landscape that looks like some kind of jungle and some visitors wearing top hats with pointed moustaches have arrived! The children wrote a diary entry in role as the boy for their Big Write this week.

In Maths, we've been tackling place value and comparing numbers, we started looking at volcanoes in Geography and have also begun units of learning on Islam in RE and collage in Art. For science, we will be learning about forces and magnets. Thanks to all the parents who allowed their children to bring in a range of magnets- they used these to investigate magnetic forces.

Autumn Term Week 1
Welcome back everyone! We've had a great first few days and I've been really impressed with the attitude of the children towards their learning and just how smartly turned out they are! Well done one and all.

A special well done to those who brought back their summer projects. They were Maimuna, Freddie, Abigail, Michelle, Graciella and Zachary- Extra Dojo points for you!

For our initial learning, we looked at Denmark, creating fact files, designing flags and researching information to make a class display- which looks great.